Sail sailboat

lets you learn about basic sailboat designs and nomenclature, rigging, and safety from experienced sailors. Then tackle the physical aspects of all forces and techniques, sail applications, marlinespike, helmsman ship, and handling of difficult all conditions.

Engine Maintenance prop gives you information on how engines work and basic maintenance procedures, as well as how to recognize problems. TBD
Weathercloud  is a detailed study of the causes of weather, various types of storms, clouds, and predicting weather TBD
Marine Electrical Systemselectronics

provides information on Alternating and Direct current, as well as boat electrical systems

Marine Communication Systems explains the different types of radios and communication options TBD
Electronic Navigation gives you basic information on the various electronic devices available today that help you navigate and select routes TBD
Radar for Boaters gives you basic information on radar  
Cruising and Cruise Planningcompas  prepare you for a multi-day voyage. TBD 
Instructor Development Effective communication for speakers and teachers TBD 

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