Photo Gallery Help

The SCPS Photo Gallery provides SCPS members a place to view and share pictures. Click on Photo Gallery in the Website Navigation menu, then on Photos to enter the Photo Gallery. .

Pictures are organized in Categories (similar to Albums.)

When your enter the Photo Gallery, the SCPS Photos category is displayed.

Clicking on the SCPS Photos will display the sub-categories.

  • Sub-Categories can be recognized by a small folder icon under the thumbnail —it displays 'sub category.'
  • Categories can be selected by clicking on their thumbnail.
  • Clicking the gray left arrow (back) moves to the parent category.
  • backicon

When a Category is selected:

  • A medium sized thumbnail of each Image is displayed.
  • There may be multiple pages of thumbnails.

♦ The number of thumbnails displayed on a page can be set with the 'Display Num' drop down box.
♦ If there is more than one page, paging links will be displayed.

  • Pictures can be downloaded to your computer by using the small download icon .
  • Clicking on an Image thumbnail opens a window displaying a larger version of the picture.
  • Clicking on the left and right arrow icons in the upper left corner of the larger version, will display the next or previous picture.
  • Clicking on the single right arrow icon (Play Button) in the lower left corner will start a slide show that displays all of the images on the current page. To see all of the images in a Category, change Display Num to "All".
  • When a slide show starts, the play icon will change to a pause icon.
  • Clicking on the 'X' icon in the upper right corner of the picture will close the image window.
  • If there is a caption, it will appear under the picture.

Adding pictures to an Existing Category

When you are logged in, the Upload tab is displayed under the current categories pictures if you have permission to upload to the current Category. From here you can upload individual images and optionally add a title to each image.


To upload a new pictures to the selected Category:

  • The maximum file size and maximum resolution is displayed at the top of the upload area.
    Your picture must be smaller than the maximums displayed.
    Many photo programs can re-size your images. If you do not have the software to do it, you can optimize (and re-size) your image for free at at Image Optimizer or if it is under 5 meg in size at (other optimizers are available on the Internet.)
  • When you are ready to upload your picture, click Browse and select the image file on your computer.
  • Add a title and short description.
  • Click Start Upload to upload the picture to the current Category.


The Multiple Upload tab allows you to add multiple images at the same time. With this option, however, there is no way to add individual titles. The guidelines listed above apply to multiple uploads too but instead of a Browse button, there is an Add Images button.

Creating a New Sub-Category

When you are logged in, the Category tab is displayed under the current categories pictures if you have permission to create a new Sub-Category to the current category.


  • Be sure you are in the Category that you want your new Sub-Category under. Choose the year sub category.
  • Click the Category tab.
  • Enter the new Sub-Categories name.
  • Click on the Create SubCategory button
  • Once you have created the new Sub-Category, you can use the Upload tab to upload pictures to it.
  • Note: once you upload pictures, they are available immediately for others to view.

By default, Categories (and sub Categories) are owned by individual users.

  • Initially, while your pictures are available for viewing right away, no one else can upload pictures to a new category that you have created.
    • Send a message to the Site Administrator (Webmaster) notifying him of your new category and ask him to modify the category so other users are allowed to upload to the new category.
  • Important: the site administrator may rearrange pictures and Categories to place pictures in more appropriate Categories.
  • If you want your Category or images modified in any way, contact the System Administrator (Webmaster.)